Let’s just get one thing straight here. If you are looking for a criminal lawyer, you have to put in the time. Seriously. We’re talking about your freedom. We’re talking about substantial fines. Whatever the criminal penalty that may be involved in your case, you really cannot afford to take a casual attitude when it comes to finding the right attorney.

You have to understand that Criminal Law is a specialized practice of law. It involves a high level of expertise. The stakes really are too high for you to entrust your finances, as well as your potential freedom, in the hands of a general practitioner. You should look for somebody with the background, track record, and specialized training that increase the likelihood that you would get the outcome that you are looking for.

Again, the stakes are quite high. This is why there are really no two ways about it. You really have to put in some time and effort in finding the right criminal lawyer in Montreal. Thankfully, the internet has made this task so much easier. As recently as a few years ago, you are basically at the mercy of word of mouth. You just had to rely on the quality of your social networks for you to get referred to a Criminal Law specialist.

Unfortunately, that kind of system is very flawed. Just because a particular lawyer knows a lot of people, it doesn’t necessarily mean that that attorney is any good at the specific body of law you need representation in. Make no mistake about it, if you are facing a criminal issue, or facing substantial criminal penalties, you really cannot roll the dice with a general practice attorney.

You’ll need a specialist. This is where word of mouth falls apart because it’s anybody’s guess whether the person you’re being referred to is any good, or can do a decent job representing you in your criminal case.

Make no mistake about it, no regular criminal lawyer will do

Even if you were to find a specialized criminal lawyer, this might not be enough. You have to find the right lawyer for your particular case. Just as Criminal Law is a specialized body of law within general practice of law, within Criminal Law itself, there are many different segments.

For example, a criminal lawyer in Montreal handling primarily drunk driving cases is going to have a different skill set and track record compared to an attorney who specializes in white collar crime defense. I hope you can see the big difference between these two bodies of law.

Being potentially on the hook for millions of dollars in unpaid taxes or fraudulent activities is very different from facing jail due to drink driving. These require different legal skill sets. These produce different track records and experience. You have to look for criminal lawyer that deals specifically in your type of case.

If you have been charged with drunk driving or driving under the influence, you need a criminal lawyer in Montreal that specializes in precisely that body of law. If, on the other hand, you’ve been charged with white collar crimes, fraud, or any other criminal charge, you need to look for an attorney that specializes in that particular practice area.

The hallmarks of a highly competent criminal lawyer in Montreal

How can you tell if you have found the right attorney for your criminal case? First, this person has at least several years of experience or is in a firm that has a collective level of experience that is in the decades. Second, this attorney has some sort of certification that qualifies this person as primarily a criminal specialist. Third, this person asks the right questions and helps you navigate through the confusing facts in your situation to get at the core of your problem.

Keep in mind that the right attorney is part psychologist and part legal representative. The right criminal attorney knows what you’re going through. He or she knows the stress you’re under. That’s why you know you’re dealing with a true professional when this person reassures you and calms you down.